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Interior Designing

Designing of a space is what makes it a functional, organized and happy space that can be utilized to its capacity. IIDS creates Interior Designers that transform any space to best suit the need it has to fulfill.

The Interior Design passed out professionals from IIDS’s Interior Design Course have a record of being well placed and well respected for their technique and work ethic.

IIDS is the best answer for an aspiring Interior Designer. We teach each student right from the basic how to execute excellent Interior Design for residential and commercial spaces, restaurants, bars and night clubs, retail spaces and any area that needs organized décor. Our finished students are absolutely adept in the functional and aesthetic planning as per the latest trends in the Interior designing world. Our training methodology have made us the leading interior design institute in Nagpur.

What also makes us the best interior design academy in Nagpur is the promise we make to each student setting foot on our campus, to make the most of their time here and give them the maximum knowledge and experience possible in each class.

The students of IIDS are well versed with the latest trends in the market, they are trained in the latest software in the field of design like AutoCAD in 2D as well as 3D modes.

The teachers ensure that the students have an in-depth understanding of development, estimation and budgeting and all practical as well as theoretical knowledge through experiential learning through live demos, workshops and site visits.

The Interior Design faculty at IIds looks for the best in each student walking into their class. The teachers begin with the absolute basic; from teaching the students how to correctly hold a pencil as they believe it is their responsibility to create a successful Interior Design career for each student from scratch.
Our teachers have only one goal; each student should leave the institute completely aware of the latest in the market worldwide and highly trained in all skills that contribute to a successful career in Interior Design Industry.
As the construction industry has been growing by leaps bounds, there has been an infinite scope for interior designers. In the present scenario, with varied preferences of people, interior designing has come up with challenging and promising career opportunities.

There is need for Education of Interior Design to meet the developmental requirements and aspiration of the society which is rapidly growing. Adequate facilities for training of Interior Designers has become the matter of urgency. Interior Design education which calls for a creative approach must expose a student to the total environment and develop a philosophy consistent with the traditions, indigenous technology, social and economic needs of the people.
The demand for qualified Interior Designers is growing and at the same time there are no facilities for Interior Design education. A large number of candidates seeking admission, who otherwise are fully capable of pursuing the course of studies in interior have to be turned away for lack of adequate facilities for interior design education. There is therefore, an urgent need to bring the standards of Interior design education on a level commensurate with the needs of time.

The ultimate aim of the training is to educate creative, competent, self-reliant professionals and the development of the field.

Course Advantage

Interior designers need to be creative AND have a technical skill set. Our education, qualifications, and combined with the knowledge of life safety and budgets lead to designing an inspiring space.. Interior designers impact the lives of people in a given environment, whether meeting their needs in corporate spaces, restaurants, courthouses, fitness centers, or libraries. Interior spaces can make a difference in how life is experienced. Interior designers are constantly learning, improving their knowledge base and recreating themselves and their designs. Our profession requires continuing education and a mind for research. Interior designers work hand-in-hand with architects and engineers on a daily basis in full service firms. We have to know enough about other disciplines to do our job successfully, whether its lighting, plumbing, or other key design elements–teamwork is key!. Interior designers lead a client to their goals and vision. You have to glean from them what they “see” and turn it into a creative, built environment.. Interior designers pay attention to detail and know how to combine details to create beautiful and interesting results!. Along with our industry partners, we are on the cutting edge of sustainable design whether its furniture or floor coverings. Interior design is about solving problems and putting the pieces together in a functional end result. Your client has the “kit of parts.” It’s up to us to make it into a real design solution that is everything they envisioned. We possess collaboration skills that make the magic happen. Interior designers can be on the jobsite in a hard hat, sitting at meeting with clients, and then working in a library full of architectural samples–if you don’t like a desk job, this profession is for you.
. Last but certainly not least, being an interior designer is FUN!